Born & Educated in the UK, my first computer would have filled the average apartment building! Operating on 48 volts DC, with rows of file cabinet style drawers filled with Tubes, it was an awesome contraption with a very lethal potential. Much tamer Sinclair's and Commodores led to my first personal machine, an IBM PC Jr. Enhanced, but it wasn't until my MAC Plus arrived, that I realized I was truly hooked on the computer to ease my life.

I've had hands on experience utilizing Mac's and others in varied workplaces from corporate environments (22 offices nationwide) to personal Digital Audio Workstations, concert and touring audio mix consoles to home e-mail & internet use.

My old PowerPC ran two scanners, telephone, answering machine, fax, camera, video capture & editing, MIDI sequencing and multi-track audio recording and of course internet to my world scattered family!

Updated to a Dual 2GHz for the studio & a 27" iMac in the office.
Macbook Pro 17" for portability.

After a brief W/E's introduction, I coaxed and coached my retired Aunt via e-mail, to a point where she was editing Systems within three months.

I am personable, presentable, ethical & empathetic. I will do all in my power to bring the exciting world of Mac computing to as many as feasible in the most enjoyable way possible.

(Once we've met, all you have to do is think real hard, I'll turn up!) ® 1999 - 2017

Colin Gardner

(808) 344-7613

(808) 572-9960

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